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Strong password to the Internet
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Strong password to the Internet
Password App for iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
Strong password to the Internet
Password App for iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
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Maya Stone Calendar

Available for iPhone/iPad on iTunes App Store!     (Watch iPhone or iPad version on youtube)

Behold! Speaking Maya Stone Calendar arose out of dust of lost civilization! No one could hear Mayan Date spoken for over 1000 years until now. You have the honor of becoming Maya Calendar caretaker. You will receive Mayan Calendar made of stone rings which rotate to set mayan glyphs into position to represent mayan date. Calendar, by power of gods, speaks names of the days in mayan language, counts the days since the Day of Creation, predicts the future and provides place for sacrifices to gods. It's 13th period of B'ak'tun has started on December 21, 2012. What will the next B'ak'tun bring? Only mayan gods know.

Not interested in Maya Stone Calendar? See pictures of the calendar for yourself. Calendar composed of mayan glyphs is very interesting and beautiful ancient work of art and science.

Now that you have seen sacred stone carvings you have to obtain Maya Stone Calendar otherwise you anger Lords of the Night and they will curse your every day as long as you live.

Solve Mystery
Become Indiana Jones and decipher the calendar yourself without searching through the internet or books. Calendar consists of 3 different counts or cycles:
* Long Count - is composed of 5 periods, B'ak'tun, K'atun, Tun, Winal and K'in
* Tzolk'in date (counting days of maya sacred year) is defined by symbols on 2 inner rotating rings of the calendar
* Haab' date is defined by symbols on 2 outer rotating rings of the calendar

* How many numbers does each of 5 Long Count periods have?
* Which Long Count period represents day? How many days does each of the other periods have?
* How many days does Tzolk'in year have?
* How many days does Haab' year have?
* What is your mayan date of birth?

Your task is a little easier. You do not have to examine hundreds or even thousands of stone carvings. You do not have to collect many possible combinations of glyphs representing date to form the big picture. Our calendar has all you need.

Your duties of Mayan Calendar caretaker, scholar, astronomer and priest:
* Visit pyramid regularly and give sacrifices to gods
* Honor lords of the night
* Learn glyphs and counting system of the calendar

Maya Calendar brings you following gifts:
* Speaks any date in history or future in Maya.

* Timeline toolbar - tap next/previous glyph to change time by 1 day, tap fast forward or rewind once to play Tzolk'in + Haab' date, tap again to play Tzolk'in date, tab multiple times to rotate rings faster and faster...

* Speaks official date - Long Count + Tzolk'in + Haab' date - tap official date glyph to hear date as used in stone carvings to commemorate life of kings and queens.

* Long Count and Gregorian calendar - tap date label and set any date in the past or the future. Switch between calendar systems. This is a great feature for Archeologists and enthusiasts who would like to decipher date on mayan monuments. Date picker for Mayan Long Count allows you to set mayan periods of B'ak'tun, K'atun, Tun, Winal, K'in.

* Oracle (predicts the future): Shake your iPhone/iPad to turn calendar rings into a future date. The gods will reveal phase of the Moon on that day, Lunar eclipse, Solar eclipse or other event.

* Countdown to the end of Baktun period - Countdown to the end of the world on December 21, 2012

* Mayan Alarm Clock

* Crystal Skull (ancient library) - it is a source of wisdom and knowledge, book of calendar symbols will teach you mayan glyphs and pronunciation

* As calendar caretaker you will enjoy long life, good health and prosperity. You will receive protection of mayan gods.

Lucky numbers:
* Shake the calendar to find your lucky numbers.

* Calendar can predict winning lottery numbers. Use your jackpot wisely!

Author's Story

In 2011 I went on a vacation to central america and I decided to explore the area and experience some adventure as a treasure hunter. Guess what, I was lucky when I stumbled upon an ancient Mayan temple and there I discovered a real mayan calendar made of pure gold, about 4 meters high and weighing more than 20 tons. I'm not going to reveal the location now, perhaps I'll leave clues in future updates of this app, but I will mention something more important. Among other artifacts I found a little stone tablet with inscriptions. Later one of mayan elders told me of a mayan legend, which was being told in their family for generations: "One day a god descended from the sky and taught maya how to observe celestial bodies and measure time. This god showed them a magic stone tablet, which upon touch could show strange visions, tablet could speak and when shaken could reveal the future. This god then ascended to the sky on a slope of fire and joined other gods among the stars." He said in jest that the stone tablet I found could be the stone tablet of the gods. I dismissed that as a nonsense, after all it was just a piece of stone. I took the tablet home as a souvenir. A few weeks later when trying to find out what those symbols on the stone mean, I used soft brush to clean it up. I found what I though was a thin crack on one side of the stone and using chisel and mallet I split the stone tablet in half. It was hollow inside and you wouldn't believe what I found: real magic tablet exactly as described in the legend. However it was not made of another piece of stone - it was a smart device made by Apple. Who the hell left it in that mayan temple, perhaps an archeologist or another treasure hunter. But why? And why was it so carefully sealed in the stone? I tried to turn it on, but nothing happened. Battery was dead. I managed to recharge the device and turn it on. it was running iOS 10. As of this writing, iOS version 5.1 was released only yesterday. But there is more. I found this interesting application - Maya Stone Calendar.

When playing with this app, I found who the author was. Believe it or not, it was I who designed the app. There was my name and my picture. However I have never created any calendar application, let alone Mayan Calendar. As I explored the device, I found that browser cache is filled with information, information dated into the future - there were news about stock market collapse, winning lottery numbers, sports results, who was elected president of the United States and other news. I realized what I had in my hands. I thought I'm certainly not going to waste time creating some Maya Stone Calendar app for iOS. But it reminded me of all the sci-fi movies about time travel. If I don't build this app, the person who brought the device back in time, will be unable to install Maya Stone Calendar and leave it along with the device inside the temple for me to find, and this would create time paradox, which would destroy space-time continuum. In order to save our universe I have decided to build Maya Stone Calendar. Inforamtion about the future I found on that device will be added into the calendar's Oracle feature, which upon shaking the device reveals the future.

Important request: if you install Maya Stone Calendar and travel back in time, please do not forget to give it to Maya and make sure they seal your device as described here and place it in the temple. If you don't you will threaten our existence, because not leaving the device in the past will create spacetime continuum paradox, which could destroy the entire universe (although I think the desctruction might be limited merely to our own galaxy). When you leave your device in the past, I will be able to find it in 2011. You can send me serial number as a proof of ownership, and I will return the device I found back to you. Since you have to leave your original device in the past, it is the right thing, that you get it back now. The device is more than thousand years old, but it is just like new. Thank you.

The story is true and if I'm lying let Samsung beat Apple in mobile device race.

What's next? The next update will bring
* Crystal Skull update (ancient library of knowledge) - more articles and interactive content
* more blood, human sacrifices
* more future predictions - when maya priests have visions revealed to them by gods, we update the calendar
* description of the calendar with answers to the questions mentioned above


Copyright (C) 2011-2016 Robert Janik, Brno, Czech Republic