Guarded Key   by Robert Janik
Strong password to the Internet
Password App for iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
Strong password to the Internet
Password App for iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
Strong password to the Internet
Password App for iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
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Privacy policy

  • We only collect your name/email address when you purchase registration code.
  • We do not provide your email address to third parties.
  • PayPal may require you to enter personal information (if you are not already registered) to process payment.
  • Guarded Key application does not send over the network any information about you, your computer nor your online accounts.
  • We do not use cookies.

Guarded Key application
Guarded Key application does not store any infromation that would identify user. When setting up the application, it generates randomly database code, which is used as starting point of encryption process. It is stored in the database, but no information is encrypted with this code, therefore it cannot be used for decryption of any part of Guarded Key database. During database initialization user can generate a different code. It means that it's value is unpredictable.
License Code, which is sent over the networks during purchase through PayPal, does not identify user and does not reveal encryption keys. The same is true for Registration Code that is sent to you via email. We do not provide your email address to 3rd parties.

The application only downloads icons for your online accounts. It does not contact any other servers, does not send any emails and does not use automatic updates. If you would like to check, if there is a new version, navigate to menu Help > Update Guarded Key. The application will start web browser and load the page

Guarded Key web site and PayPal service
Purchase order on PayPal may require you to enter name and address of credit card holder. For reasons of privacy we have disabled on our PayPal account feature which collects addresses. Disadvantage is that even users out of Washington state and users outside the Unites States have to pay sales tax, because we cannot prove product was sold for export, which would require knowledge of customer's address. Since the sales tax is less than $1, we think this is small sacrifice for better security and privacy. Nobody needs to know that you are using Guarded Key.
The only information that we receive is your email address, which is used to send Registration Code to you. If you would like to avoid revealing your regular email address and want to erase any traces of acquiring Guarded Key license, follow the steps bellow.

For conspiracy theorists!
Is big brother watching you? YES. We all know THEY are watching, THEY are everywhere and THEY control everything. THEY might get hold of our online accounts. We have to conceal the fact that we are using Guarded Key. Follow these steps:
  • Purchase prepaid Debit card - pay cash (don't use checks, regular credit/debit card)
  • Create a new (fake) email address (use public computer, eg. in the library etc)
  • Purchase Registration Code and use prepaid Debit card (use public computer)
  • Check email on a public computer, copy registration code to USB flash drive and take home
  • At home start Guarded Key and sign in, enter Registration Code (registration is done offline)
  • Never use the fake email address again
  • Now you can use Guarded Key
  • Place an empty glass bottle on the door knob upside down. When you hear the bottle fall or break, quickly quit Guarded Key application or at least sign out.

Well done. Now you are safe, but stay alert!

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us at

Copyright (C) 2011-2016 Robert Janik, Brno, Czech Republic