Guarded Key   by Robert Janik
Strong password to the Internet
Password App for iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
Strong password to the Internet
Password App for iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
Strong password to the Internet
Password App for iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux
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Old version: 1.0.8

Note: Updates are free of charge. Purchase Guarded Key only once and use forever on all platforms and all your computers.

Windows Windows
XP, Vista, Windows 7
Guarded Key 1.0.8 - ZIP (package)
Guarded Key 1.0.8 - EXE (executable)

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Android Android 3.0 release for Android 3.0 postponed
Ubuntu 10.04 Guarded Key 1.0.8 - TAR.GZ (package)
Guarded Key 1.0.8 - LNX (executable)
Ubuntu 10.04 - Kernel 2.6.31-11-rt (Lucid Lynx), GNOME 2.30.2
Note: Follow installation instructions in Guide for Linux users.
Mac OS X Guarded Key 1.0.8 - ZIP (package)
Guarded Key 1.0.8 - TAR.GZ (package)
Mac OS X 10.6.7 (Snow Leopard)
iOS 5.1
and higher
(iPhone, iPad)
Available as version 1.2.0 and higher. Please download latest version.

Release Notes
  • Newly released version for Mac OSX (Snow Leopard).
  • Cryptographic Security Token - added new feature which generates Security Token based on "Certificate + Password" or "Certificate + RSA Signature". Security token is used to sign into online accounts. Authentication process uses dynamically generated security token instead of static password. Security token contains timestamp and is used by server to authenticate user only if timestamp corresponds to current date and time, old tokens are dismissed as invalid. Security token can only be used for sign in once, after that it is considered invalid. This feature greatly increases safety of online accounts.
  • Changes in user interface to accommodate new features. "Sign In" button moved next to combo box with list of accounts, which makes more visible to user. Automatic password checkbox replaced by 2 radio buttons "Automatic password" and "Custom password". Added Security Token settings.
  • Dialog "Sign In" - pressing enter in text box "User Id" will navigate to "Password" text box. This makes signing into Guarded Key database easier on Mac OSX (otherwise using mouse or pressing Option-TAB is required).
  • Added "Tips and Tricks" into the application menu. This is a link to online documents.

Version History

1.4.0   (latest version) - published (April 17, 2014)
1.3.6 - published (January 1, 2014)
1.3.4 - published (November 21, 2013)
1.2.2 - published (March 28, 2013)
1.1.8 - published (July 3, 2012) - no longer available.
1.1.6 - published (January 25, 2012) - no longer available.
1.1.4 - published (December 10, 2011) - no longer available.
1.1.2 - published (November 3, 2011) - no longer available.
1.1.0 - published (August 1, 2011) - no longer available.
1.0.10 - published (June 26, 2011) - no longer available.
1.0.8 - published (June 20, 2011) - no longer available.
1.0.6 - published (May 30, 2011) - no longer available.
1.0.4 - published (May 22, 2011) - no longer available.
1.0.2 - published (May 14, 2011) - no longer available.
1.0.0 - published (May 5, 2011) - no longer available.

Copyright (C) 2011-2016 Robert Janik, Brno, Czech Republic